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How To Optimize Your Blogs

Below are some general guidelines for optimizing blog sites:
• Keyword research. Before you complete blog content, use the keyword research tools offered at Yahoo, Google, and MSN Live to get a better idea of the terminology your site visitors may use.
• Information Content. Make sure your blog’s information content is relevant to the rest of your site to make navigating simple.
• Link development. Determine the blog entries people find most useful, and make sure the URL is archived and easy to link to. search engine optimization
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$99 Computer Notebooks…Next Week!

seoOn 11-24-06, Circuit City will be offering a Compaq notebook for $299 after rebates, or $99 with rebates and a 12-month subscription to Vonage. This is from a website that says they have seen the pre-publication sale ad.

The Circuit City notebook comes with a Celeron processor, burns both DVDs and CDs, 512MB of memory, a 15.4-inch screen and a 60GB hard drive.

Circuit City currently currently sells this Compaq notebook for $499.                               search engine optimization software


Internet Mapping Goes 3D

Microsoft unveiled a new, download-able browser application that brings the photorealism and maneuverability of gaming into its online mapping and local search service. In Virtual Earth 3D, which is part of Microsoft’s Live Search, users can “fly” over cities and in between buildings just like they do in virtual-reality environments.

To generate cash, Microsoft has installed “virtual billboards” with advertisements that float above buildings as part of a pilot advertising program.

Three-dimensional models are built for 15 U.S. cities, with more to come. The cities are San Francisco; San Jose, Calif.; Seattle; Boston; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; Las Vegas; Detroit; Phoenix; Houston; Baltimore; Atlanta; Denver; Dallas; and Fort Worth, Texas.              SEO software


Google ad revenue to surpass UK TV’

Google is about to overtake the UK’s main commercial TV channels in the race for advertising revenue, a study says. It found that the US internet search giant’s 2006 UK revenues are expected to surpass Channel Four’s predicted £800m ($1.5bn) returns. Google will then overtake ITV1 within 18 months, advertising buying companies Mindshare and Initiative told the Financial Times.                      seo