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Internet Explorer 7 Vs. Firefox 2

seoIn a just released report, picked Firefox over IE7.

They stated “Firefox 2 still rules the browser roost for now, despite a much improved version of Internet Explorer. The most obvious new feature for IE 7 (tabs) has been in Firefox forever, and the security additions from Microsoft aren’t enough for us to allay concerns over new possible exploits. Lastly, the extensibility of Firefox 2 is its knockout punch, and IE’s add-ons cannot compare. The flexibility and customizability of Firefox might be best suited to more advanced Web users, but it has earned its spot at the top of the browsers”.

For years, Microsoft Internet Explorer has enjoyed near dominance of the Web browser space–but not any more. Since the release last year of Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Firefox has been steadily eroding Internet Explorer’s claim of superiority. According to information from, in October 2004 Internet Explorer had 92 percent of the market; in September 2005 that dropped to 86 percent.           search engine optimization


Google AdSense Scam

Researchers at Microsoft Corp. have blown the lid off a large-scale, typo-squatting scheme that uses multi-layer URL redirection to game Google’s AdSense for domains program.

The scheme was uncovered when Redmond lab rats decided to extend its HoneyMonkey exploit detection system, a project that runs automatic and systematic Web scans to investigate the seedier side of the Internet.

Microsoft Research Systems Management Research Group was able to track down a ring of typo-squatters registering misspelled domain names and generating traffic to serve advertising from Google.

Using five programmatic typo-generation models, the researchers pinpointed a series of domain-registration structures being used by “major typo-squatters” to steal traffic from some of the biggest Internet brands, including, and SEO software