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GOOGLE Secreats Revealed On Spam Site Detection, Banning & Hacked Sites

Google Internet secreats Why are Some Websites suddenly dropped from Google, here are the secrets revealed on how the Algorithms are programmed to detect Spam or Hacked sites, then the rules that are followed. For full details visit:

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Digital cities … head South!

If you want to live in a “digital city,” you might want to start looking to the Rocky Mountains or south of the Mason-Dixon line. Look at, Florida. Arizona. Colorado. Southern California. According to the Folsom, Calif.-based Center for Digital Government’s 2006 “Digital Cities Rankings,” these regions are home to some of the most technologically astute municipal governments in the country.

For largest cities (250,000 or more residents), the winner was Corpus Christi, Texas. For cities with 125,000 to 249,999 residents, Alexandria, Va., and Madison, Wis., tied for first place.
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