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Former Internet Newbie Reveals…


As you know, it's an absolute fact that
if you're working online, you NEED to be
an affiliate marketer.

Even if you have your own products…
Even if you're a big time guru…
And ESPECIALLY if you're new..
…or someone who still isn't making
five figures per month…
you NEED to be an affiliate marketer
for other people's products.

It just makes sense…
…you spend NO time in product creation,
…you spend NO time performing customer
…you never have to worry about creating
and fulfilling backends,
…you don't have to hire or outsource
anybody to do anything (there is a
REASON why outsourcing, just like
employee, is considered a four letter
word, folks! managing others is NOT fun)
…and most of all, you get to make BIG
commissions… in fact, usually the SAME
commissions as the product creator…

The problem with affiliate marketing?
That's easy… you're just one affiliate
of MANY, all promoting the same product.
You don't stand out.
You don't look any different.
And your sales show it.

But even so, it's still a fact that if
you're not affiliate marketing, you are
LOSING money faster than the stock market…
(Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration
these days, but still, you are missing
out on what could be a BIG chunk of your

So what's the best way to stand apart
from every other affiliate marketer…
…and in the process, make big, fat
affiliate commission checks?

$1 Trial offer – Get the full details

Have a nice day

PS: you can get in for $1 and it's a real steal.


SEO Software – FREE – Search Engine Optimization Analysis


Hi & Happy Thanksgiving!

Not too long ago we witnessed the launch of the new, F-R-E-E Traffic Travis 3.0, to amazing success.

Thousands of people have seized the opportunity and downloaded this outstanding tool, and they're already using it to gain an edge over their competition in the search engines.

If you haven't downloaded it already, then you should be aware that your competition probably has.

Ask yourself — Do you really want to be giving them a head start using this? Or are you wanting to be ahead of the game yourself?

Here are just some of the tools you'll find inside. Remember it doesn't cost anything, it's F-R-E-E!

  • Page analysis: Almost like having an SEO expert look at your webpage and tell you what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong. This tool does all that, and then gives you solutions for improving your on-page SEO! Oh, it also gives you a grade. Are you an A+ student, or is your site going to flunk?
  • Position ranking: Keeps a daily, weekly or monthly record of exactly where your website is ranked for any search term. Check all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, Ask and Altavista) and see whether you're going up in the search engines … or down.
  • Keyword finder: A cutting edge keyword finder tool to give you a huge number of relevant keywords.
  • Keyword sorter: An essential keyword sorter tool that enables you to categorize extremely large lists of keywords into targeted adgroups for PPC purposes.
  • Top sites for keywords: Quickly find all the top sites for your various keywords… then analyze them to see if you can steal some of their tricks.
  • Backlinks to site: Who is linking to you? Who is linking to your competitors? What pagerank are they? What anchor text are they using? Checking all this information by hand would be a full-time job, but Traffic Travis does it with just one click. And by analyzing your competitors with this tool you can find other great sites to buy/trade links with.
  • Keywords/details: Discover how many advertisers are advertising on each keyword and whether there's a heavy turnover in advertisers. This could mean that the keyword isn't as profitable as everyone thinks!
  • Top sites for keywords: Who are the biggest players in your niche? Which keywords are they bidding on? Suss out who your major competitors are, and then analyze their campaign. After all… they must be making money…
  • Websites Keyword list: A more indepth keyword snooping tool… this shows you whether competitors keep advertising on a particular word, or whether they drop it periodically. (Consistently advertising on a keyword means it must be really profitable!) This tool also easily shows ad ranking position, so you can see which positions seem to work the best…

There's loads more, I could go on all day. But it's probably more interesting for you to go and download it and see for yourself! After all… it doesn't cost anything!

If you delay and regret it later, don't say I didn't recommend that you do this now 🙂


To Your Success!




WordPress Plugin For Content & Comments

For increased search engine rankings you should post at least two to four times per week. But, who has the extra time? Certinaly not if you are a Realtor. Would it be nice to set your WordPress blog to do some 'on topic' posts and comments all automatically to help you out? No this is NOT some magic software that should be used 100% of the time. But, why not use it to do 25% to 50% of your posts?

This WordPress plugin builds an entire WordPress site quickly and easily at the push of a button.

You just supply it with a word, and it will supply you with up to fifty posts, each with images and comments pertaining to the post.

Highly customizable, amongst a ton of other features you can future-date posts, change post layouts and even rewrite each post before it's posted to your site!

Click here to view more details


15 Minutes to Exponentially Increased Exposure For Your Blog!

Do you have a Blog? You Need to Read This…

Want to set up a Blog? You Need to Read This…
Nobody can dispute that blogs are powerful… VERY powerful.

They work because…

1. Search engines love fresh content, and blogs provide just that.

2. Blogs are super simple to set up and maintain, if you only have the right knowledge.

3. There is plenty of plug-ins to make your blog a super powerhouse that most other agents cannot compete with.

I could go on and on forever, and not truly express the real power of a properly set up blog. I think you already know that though. It is amazing how many people will take the time to set up a blog and not do the things necessary to make sure their blog performs at optimal performance.

Really, if you think about it, it only takes a few minutes to actually upload and install the correct plug-ins and make the right changes within your blog admin section to make it perform like a powerhouse.

But if you do not know what you are doing, or which plug-ins to install, It can make installing a blog a real pain in the neck.

That is actually why I am writing this today. I just ran into a guy that has put together a killer guide on how to properly set up your blog in minutes.

Not only does this system come with a jam-packed graphical PDF file, but it also has over 20 videos that walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

The system is called Blog with Success and you can check it out here…

Wordpress videos




You see, I do not want to see you waste your time like 99% of the other blog owners do that do not take the time to properly set up their blog.

I have to tell you though, I thought I was pretty much an expert when it came to WordPress, but boy was I wrong.

Blog With Success has really opened up my eyes, and gave my blog the extra push that it really needed.

But don't take my word for it, go check out the site yourself, and you will see exactly why I am so excited…

Oh yeah, before I forget, it also shows you some kick butt ways to make your blog 2.0 compatible. I'm talking about audio, video, social bookmarking sites, and much more.

Talk to you later,

P.S. Blog with Success also shows you how to make some killer adjustments to your theme. Like how to add an opt in box and Adsense code.

Wordpress videos





Web Linking – You MUST Do It

One of the basic building blocks of getting good search engine rankings

is the number and quality of incoming links to your site or blog!

Look what links (& good SEO) has done for for the top search term (keyword)


All Page One positions

The AOL Search Engine…


All Page One positions

The Google Search Engine… San Diego California



All Page One positions

The MSN Search Engine… San Diego California


Look at the incoming links San Diego California

Look at the incoming links on another San Diego above average real estate site:


How many links are pointing to YOUR website?


I would like to make you aware of a totally free award linking program

that could increase your Web site's standing in the major search engines. Plus, it will add important credibility to your site.


Last year Google diminished the ranking value of reciprocal links (i.e., You link to me, I link to you). Good incoming reciprocal links links are still valuable, but triangle one way linking is a new way of linking and is also MUCH more powerful. These one way links are the ones that really count the most in your site's standings.


The idea is that a triangle link looks to the engines as if both sites are receiving a one-way link instead of reciprocal links.

If Site A links to Site B and Site B links to Site C instead of back to Site A, then in theory, both site B and Site C now have a one way link which is often thought of as having more impact these days than a reciprocal.


The problem is that for this to truly work, site A and Site C cannot be seen as affiliated in any way. If Site A and Site C are completely separate (meaning no linking between Site A and Site C, hosted different places, different IPs etc.), then it can work. Otherwise, the engines can detect it pretty easily.

The system uses a method of linking known as 3-way linking. Unlike the traditional one-way link, where only one site benefits, with a 3-way link all 3 sites get what Google sees as a one-way link to their web site.


In the old reciprocal link method, site A linked to site B and site B linked back to site A. Google does not value that kind of link very much at all anymore. Google wants to see one-way links (or at least what it believes are one-way links).

In a 3-way link setup, site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A (as shown in the graphic above). This is where the power of this system lies.



Google sees each link in the 3-way link exchange as a one-way link
and gives it the FULL ranking value of a one-way link.

One-way links and triangle linking, though already quite popular, are much harder to control and acquire, which makes Google happy. The triangle link "ploy" makes links look like one-way links even though "Site A" is returning the favor to "Site B" through "Site C".

Plus, receiving a link from a high ranking site is worth hundreds on links from non-ranking sites.


Our award site is a high ranking (currently Google PR3) and most of our award linking pages are Google PR2!

Rather than placing your site's link on some mass winners page, we keep each of our specific award winners pages totally separate and centered around the award's ( real estate, legal, bloging etc.) theme. This increases the implied value of the link back to your site!

We review each site/blog submitted to ensure it has good content prior to acceptance into the program. This insures high quality of our site and the link back to your site. We reject: spam sites, sites just based on advertising, sex, gambling & any other site we decide (at our sole discretion) to be inappropriate for our program. Our award graphic & required text must be placed on your sites 'index' /home page. After this is done, email us so we can verify the placement & we will place your link in the award winners table & email you an acknowledgement. If you remove or modify our award graphic or it's text, we will remove your link without notice.

*Plus, your site should have a Google Page Rank (PR) of at least 1. If you site has no PR, we cannot accept it. Please re-apply once your site has attained this ranking. We would suggest you immediately invest a little money and time to get better rankings and really reap the benefits of increase visitors and business a well ranked site can generate! Visit: search engine optimization software and get yourself a free trial download of SEO Elite. You'll see the link on our home page, near the bottom of the page.


If you are interested in our revised free Website Award program, click on the link below.


Just fill out & submit the form and we will send you the award.

On this special offer, you may apply for different awards for each of your sites if you wish.

website award program




Real Estate Agent Promotion!

Greatest Real Estate Self-Marketing Promotion! 

Several years ago I sold my husband, a 30-year veteran, CRS/GRI accredited, real estate broker, an outstanding idea for self-promotion.

This has been so effective that year after year he gets calls from past recipients of this give-away asking for a new one … and often calls asking for multiples! In addition to its popularity, it is inexpensive and can be mailed in a #10 envelope without extra postage. I personally love it. It's addicting and potential clients will look forward to it again and again.


Definitely worth a look ….. Greatest real estate promotion




Want to Know How to Actually Rank For Any Keyword With a Legitimate Search Engine “Loophole”?

Everyone wants to have their site rank well in Google


And why not? Not only can Google send you a boatload of free traffic – it's also highly targeted, and it's one of the best ways to drive business.

The problem is, that exact same ideal is shared with thousands of your direct competitors. This creates an environment where you'll always be fighting, kicking and scratching to maintain your traffic – along with the ever present fear that your livelihood is only one "algorithm update" away from vanishing.

And that's if you can even get ranked for any decent keyword, to begin with…

In fact, only the largest, most-established authority sites can reliably see consistent traffic from Google. And even then, their rankings fluctuate constantly – several times a day, in some cases.

The fact is – it's getting harder and harder for the "little guy" to get any kind of meaningful web presence on the web these days.

Getting ranked in Google is almost impossible unless you've got a major promotional budget and some time on your hands to "wait" for your domain to become trusted (Google favors older domains). And advertising with pay-per-click ads isn't affordable like it once was.

Search marketing has finally become what everyone feared it would – a game reserved for big business.

But what if there was still a way to legtiimately rank for keywords with tons of traffic?

And what if you could do this without having to spend months and even years building up an authority site to do so?

In fact – what if you could systematically create one-page minisites that could rapidly rank in the top 3 spots (consistently) for basically any keyword you target within a matter of a week or so?

Is this for real?


But not with Google.

It's happening right now, as we speak, on

Now – before you think it – yes, I know, MSN doesn't have nearly the reach that Google does. But, it still does receive millions and millions of search users daily. After all – MSN is the default home-page for anyone who first uses Internet Explorer.

And, to put it in perspective, which would drive more traffic?

Occupying the #1 ranking for your most desirable keyword target on MSN?

Or occupying the #47 spot on page 5 of Google's results?

Sadly, it's actually more effort to make it to the 47th spot in Google than it is to literally dominate in MSN.

How does this work?

Watch this video to find out:

Video review

Like I said – forget about Google.

Focus on something that you can actually WIN with, and win big!