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#1 Web 2.0 Marketing Software

HubPages and Squidoo
Are you using Web 2.0 marketing correctly to drive traffic to your websites? Many marketers are churning out dozens of HubPages and Squidoo lens every single day but are still seeing zero to little traffic. Are you one of them and wish you could give your web pages a traffic booster jab?

To create a quality Web 2.0 page such as a HubPage Hub or a Squidoo lens that attracts more traffic than your competitors, there are a few key ingredients. You hear super affiliates talking about them all the time. Quality content and long tail keywords are often quoted. But what is often overlooked is the power of tagging.

All Web 2.0 platforms share a common trait – they all use tags. But not all tags are equal. Some popular tags draw tons of traffic since they are shared by many hot web pages. This is especially the case for tags that are relevant in large communities such as the internet marketing, entertainment, beauty, credit communities etc.

Tags are not only useful in drawing traffic from the Web 2.0 websites. For HubPages, there is an even greater impact and meaning. If you have been running searches in Google on various keywords, you would notice HubPages tag pages are ranking in Google as well! For example, if you search for “meatless Christmas recipes”, you will find within top 10 in Google search results.

In other words, if your Hub is tagged with a ranking HubPage tag like meatless Christmas recipe, searchers who are looking for information will find your Hub as well. Isn’t that great? Free organic traffic.

Now, while it sounds so easy, there is a hurdle before anyone who wants to make use of the power of tagging. You see, finding popular tags manually feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We are not talking about any tag but popular, hot tags that are getting traffic from Google and HubPages.

Even if you do, that will only be after hours of tedious searching. No one loves such legwork. Surely there is a way around it?

Not in the past but now, there is a solution to it. Ultimate Tag Ranker, a new powerful software developed by an underground niche marketer, Davion Wong is capable of finding hot tags that you can use on your Hubs for instant traffic and rankings in Google.

What can be better than this? Watch the software in action here: