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A Complete Social Network On Your WordPress Blog!

New Covert Social Press theme

Covert social press

We’ve been telling you about this for the last few days
and hopefully you grabbed your copy when it went live
yesterday, but just in case you missed it… the price
just started going up on DIMESALE… So it’s not too late
to still get it for a great price.

The new Covert Social Press theme is the most cutting
edge stuff we have ever seen… Calling it a theme
hardly does it justice.

Watch the demo video and see for yourself…

==>> => View the VIDEO

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Common Sense WordPress SEO

Attention WordPress bloggers:

Wordpress videos

There is a new killer WordPress theme called Covert Social Press launching tomorrow.

It’s developed by the IM Wealth Builders and if you have seen their previous Covert PinPress
and Covert VideoPress themes… You know that this one is going to be amazing too!

They have just released a full video demo of the theme so you can see exactly what it does.

Watch the video walkthrough here:
=> View the VIDEO

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New Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool

As a niche site builder, you are always looking for the absolute best ways to find low competition keywords and rank for those keywords.

There is a brand new tool to help you … Long Tail Pro.  It truly is an all-in-one keyword research tool, built by someone who knows what website creators are looking for. I make my living building and ranking niche sites, so getting it right is critical for me.

Anyway, hope you guys take advantage of this one-time discount. Updates for life and I’m here to support you if needed. Thanks!

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New System: Create and sell your own video training courses in minutes!

Create and sell your own video training courses

OK- I just got wind of what may be the best thing
I have seen launch this year.

WordPress tutorial videos,WordPress tutorials,WordPress videos

I am not even going to try to explain just trust
me on this one, it is WAY worth checking out. Read more


New WordPress SEO plugin

WordPress SEO plugin

SEO WordPress plugin

[RSS Viral] Accidental SEO plugin pulling viral traffic

If you’re after autopilot traffic for your blog, look no further.

There’s 2 things Google’s looking for these days.

(Well, to be honest there’s probably more than 2, but these are the big ones) Read more