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Website Awards – How They Can Benefit Your Site

Website Awards

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website award

I see website awards as a way to convey credibility to my customers and prospective buyers. After looking through many sites, it turns out there are an extremely large amount of award sites to choose from, but how many actually run a quality system of rating? Anyone can rate a site and hand out awards so what makes one site more credible than the other?

The main thing to consider in reviewing website awards is if the award site has a good Google page rank (PR). This shows it has been around and Google has taken notice off many other sites linking in to it. Having your site’s URL on such an award site will help your site in the search engine standings itself!

Also, I would avoid any website awards that charge any fees for consideration of your site or for the award itself.

Choosing the right website award can boost credibility, traffic and page rank. A website award will show users that your work is appreciated and recognized as a quality site and that will reflect on your products, staff, and content.

For a great Google PR3 award site, visit: website awards Their main crteria is that your site must have at least a PR1 ranking itself.