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SEO On-Line Software FREE Google Analytics … A MUST Use

Google analytics - SEO softwareIf you use Google Analytics (and you should)

You will get good data about the performance of your websites that you can use to make improvements.

Recently I have seen a lot better results from HubPages than Squidoo and knowing this information means I will put more resources into HubPages than Squidoo.

I have also seen how much traffic I have been getting from videos to particular sites and this will help me make better decisions with off-site factors.

I can also see the keywords that people are using to find my sites and even though many of these don't seem to have any correlation with the keywords that have been targeted on the site I can quickly modify some new content and add it to the site threading the keywords through it to capture even more traffic.

Years ago I paid a lot for scripts that gave me less information than Google Analytics and Google supplies this information to anyone who wants to use it at no cost.

If you're not using it, click here and get started… 

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Link Popularity – Free software for SEO

 One of the most important off-site search engine optimization factors is in-coming links. To see how your site stacks up against the top sites for your keywords, we have a completely free software program you can run on your home Windows computer. View the video to see this free SEO software in action.


You can find the download link to this free search engine optimization software by visiting search engine optimization software 


Search Engine Traffic … Yahoo & Google Algorithm Changes

search engine trafficYahoo recently announced an update in their algorithm and warned people they may see fluctuations in rankings.  Google also reportedly made over 45 tweaks to their algorithm last month.  There is a lot of fluctuation going on in the search engine results right now.

If you have considered optimizing your site now would be a good time to do it.

Make sure you stay aware of fluctuations in the algorithms!  Staying current is really important in the SEO world.

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