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Twitter Whale Status – It Pays Off

On Twitter when one reaches 10,000 followers it’s know as achieving whale status.  The real benefit, is the increase this provides to your blog/site and or products/services you are tweetting about.  Now, followers are great, but to be as productive as possible, these followers MUST be carefully selected.

If you are a real estate agent, you should work on building followers within say 10-25 miles of your office. If you sell a product or service on the Internet, you should select followers from related keywords within their profiles or their tweets.

Plus, keep in mind, you MUST provide useful information on your tweets and sites … content is king on the Internet! Read more


Can You Still Make Good Money With Google?

The simple answer is YES!  Like anything worth acheveing, it takes some hard work and putting in quality, study time prior to starting your program. For some good background, view my prior post: Is Your Blog/Website Generating Income?

Many website owners do not think it’s worth the time to incorporate Google ads. In most cases they are correct because they looking for that mythical, big bucks for no work scam. For some real-world results, below is what we made just from Google last month:

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

If you are looking for good information on making money with Google my #1 advice is to listen to information from those who are already making decent money w/Google.; the #2 advice is get a free subscription to this blog so you don’t miss our future posts on tips and ideas to make money online.

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Nuke your competition from the search engines

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