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New WordPress Blog Cloning Tool

If you use wordpress, you should check out this
new tool. It clones your ENTIRE blog in seconds,
so you can move it to anywhere you want… back
it up…

  • If you have a site that you’ve already set up and configured how you like it, when you need to set up a similar site, all you do is drag-and-drop 3 files and press 2 buttons.
  • Saves you trouble, hurdles and a lot of effort — WP Twin will copy your entire setup, with all the CSS and PHP and all the plugins, configured exactly the same way, saving you … days… weeks… maybe even months of repetitive annoying tweaking.

Or if you do a lot of blog set ups, you can
automate them and save a ton of time.

Also, it comes with some “already cloned” stuff
you can “one click” and deploy. Nice.

Check it out.


This is also the ultimate backup tool. takes
a second to back up a blog completely.

The real cool feature though is “deploying”
your clones – this will save you hundreds
of hours.


Article Marketing Done Right

Article marketing

Article marketing

Article Marketing Has Just Changed FOREVER!

Article Marketing started off as something that you had to do manually to the top article directories…. Then came semi-automated software, to make it easier to do what you used to do manually. After this it was article submission services that submit to these article directories for you. You will know these services well and may have even used them before What you may not know is that many of these submissions actually fail… Even the automated systems.

What I am about to reveal to you now is “Next Generation” article marketing. Real websites that will accept your articles in a completely automated manner so that all you need to do is write great quality content. Did I mention that each website will also get a unique version of the article you write if you follow the system? What about the fact that there are thousands of sites in the system that you could instantly have your articles published on? As if that were not enough, what if I also told you that a select group of beta testers have been using this very same system to dominate front page Google results for keywords in their Niche and that you can have access to the very same system…. At a crazy low price This “Next Generation” marketing service is called Article Marketing Automation

I am not sure how long they will keep the service at such a low price for… Or how long they will keep an Article Marketing system like this open for. All I know is that I have my membership secured and that you can guarantee that very soon they will have 1000’s of people trying to get access to this same system. If you want to take advantage of being one of the first users in the system & start distributing your articles in a way that gives you up to 10x the results. Then you should join today before they change their price or close the doors.  Article Marketing Automation


Video Optin Plug-and-Play Templates

The fact of the matter is most other video squeeze page templates being offered  today might look “ok” on the surface.

But when you dig deeper you’ll find them hard to customize for your niche leaving you high and dry and out
of pocket.

That’s why these new templates stand “headand shoulders” above the others…

because every single template was designed by a professional direct response web designer
who has a complete and thorough understanding of online marketing.

Whilst web designers only know how to make their templates look “pretty” we make ours look great AND guarantee
that they’ll also help you sell more…

Take a closer look and you’ll soon see what I mean…

Video Optin Plug-and-Play Templates

Judi Newberry

P.S. Each template is coded and designed to be super flexible so that they’ll fit
any niche under ANY economic conditions.

So whether you’re in the Dog Bone market  or Forex you’ll be able to use these
templates and start seeing results ASAP.


Fastest Keyword Researching Tool on the Internet

Are you ready to take the stress out of your Keyword and Niche Research ?

Keywords Digger is your ticket to easy and exciting Keyword mining. This kind of keyword discovery is still relatively unknown allowing you to dominate areas your peers cant even find.

Watch the Keywords Digger video