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Real Estate Agent Badass Video Marketing Software

Badass Video Marketing Software

real estate agent video marketingSometimes,  you watch a video and all you can say is WOW:

Viddyoze is here to make sure that’s what people say about your home listing videos too.

These days, slides and screencasts aren’t enough.

You’ve got to grab your viewers right from the word go.

That’s why we’ve seen an EXPLOSION in custom animation.

You know the things I mean… Read more


Monetize YouTube videos 5 Ways

Monetize YouTube videos 5 Ways

Youtube video marketing - Monetize YouTube videos

New WordPress plugin – Making videos has gotten easier as technology has advanced, especially the last 12 months!

But making money with them can still be a struggle.

Now even more than ever, since everyone with a phone and a computer can make videos.

If you’ve been wondering how the guys who are REALLY cashing in with videos are doing it. Read more


Get Massive Video traffic on autopilot

Massive Video traffic

Periscope video WP pluginJust out – Periscope video WordPress plugin.

Everyone and their dog is telling you that the
best way to get traffic and make bank online these
days is video marketing.

You’ve seen them rave about ranking videos in
YouTube and building up an audience for your

They probably mentioned ‘viral’ and ‘Facebook’ at
some point too.

So… how’s that working out for you? honestly? Read more


Cash in on viral videos

Cash in on viral videos …

video marketing WordPress plugin

WSJ was right in 2010…

The Wall Street Journal (Dubbed the millionaires magazine)
said in 2010 that by 2014 all our learning and content will
be delivered by Video…

It was right and hasn’t slowed down since.

Now the problem lies in how you get your content noticed in
an ever growing, crowded marketplace…

My friend Cindy Battye may just have the solution. Read more