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Twitter Real Estate Marketing

Twitter Real Estate Marketing

Follower Grabber

Wondering Where All The Smart Marketers Are Promoting These Days? Both For FREE & Paid.

With over 236 million active monthly users – Twitter™ is FULL of untapped prospects – Ready to use to YOUR profiting advantage.

By searching for prospects based on keywords users have tweeted… You can sell them offers, products and services you already know they want!

And YES, just in case you were wondering, this is legal and Twitter™ Compliant. Follower Grabber is built to fully integrate with Twitter™ and stay in compliance with their TOS at all times. What you’re getting here is the coolest Twitter™ marketing solution yet… Read more


Covert Video Press

Covert Video Press – WP Theme

Online video is super hot right now – and
Youtube is of course by the biggest video
site out there (in fact it’s the 3rd most
visited website in the world!)

Millions of users have already been
“trained” to use Youtube in a certain
way – Many of them have become outright
addicted to it

Covert Video Press

So by using this new “Covert Video Press”
theme you are tapping into all that buzz –
and it will really give your blog a boost. Read more


Thanksgiving 2015

Happy ThanksgivingThank you for enabling us to do what we love everyday.

I wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy holiday weekend and a good day.

I’m very grateful to you as my customer or subscriber!

I want to take this chance to really Thank You for being my valued customer and subscriber!

For bearing with me for some time, for helping me help you, giving me recommendations and comments on my products and services. Giving me a great feeling of being someone who can help.

I want to Thank You for all this, I appreciate it all, I really do.

For all things big and small, Thanksgiving is a time to remember and be thankful.

We are thankful to all military members & there families for what they do to protect our freedom everyday.

Blessings & Best Wishes Always from our family to yours. Warm Regards



WordPress Backup Creator

WordPress Backup Creator

Quick question.  Are you fully protecting your hard
work and making sure that you have a backup?

Are you wasting time “rebuilding” essentially the
same site over and over again every time you
set up a new site?  Did you know you could just
Clone it instead? (even to a new URL) Read more


Amazing 3D Cover Software

Amazing 3D Cover Software

How To Create UNLIMITED Guru-Level Covers And Realistic Mockups In Just Minutes . . .

No Photoshop. No Design Skill. No Monthly Fees.

Cover Genie Pro is an amazing 3D cover software with a cutting-edge technology that quickly creates stunning and realistic product graphics such as Boxes, EBooks, CDs, DVDs and much more.

Read more


Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day -Tribute to the American Soldier

America Thanks You !!!
Thank you to all those who have served. We give thanks to all the brave families of our Veterans.


Sociocaster Video Software


video marketing softwareHere’s a new software that can unlock the true power of profitable videos

It’s called Sociocaster and it just went live taking the world of internet marketing with storm, this software is truly amazing, you cannot find this kind of software anywhere.

With Sociocaster, you can check what kind of videos that fit to your audience. It has top viral videos data, divided into 17 popular groups. You can also check what title, description that makes people click, and what kind of videos that people love..  Read more


Ultimate Social Traffic Software

Ultimate Social Traffic Software

Twitter marketing softwareThe package is going to finally make Twitter Ads mainstream in 2015…

  • The ONLY way to target recent buyers of any product or service – ultra targeted:
  • Yes it’s Twitter, and yes it’s social… but it’s also about TRAFFIC so everyone needs this.
  • 100% compliant with all Twitter terms (ultra white-hat yet ultra powerful)
  • Works for any purpose – TeeSpring, Amazon, ClickBank, local, apps, ecommerce, list building…
  • Includes complete training in video & PDF – so your customers will know how to use the tool

Read more


New – Multiple Facebook Pages … One Management Tool!

Multiple Facebook Pages … One Management Tool!

Facebook Social Marketing Software -Finally . . . An app that allows us to leverage the over 1.5+
BILLION Facebook users (in the most streamlined
and effective way) for any Marketers toolkit…

All under ONE roof!

Social Kickstart allows you to research, post/schedule
content and monetize your Fan Pages with just a few
clicks. Read more


San Diego Typhoon Drone

San Diego Typhoon Drone ‘Watch Me’ feature.

The new Wizard controller is actually smaller than a TV remote control. This new controller allows the Typhoon drone to track its location. What this means, is that once you set the Typhoon drone up at a certain height and distance from you, as you’re moving the drone will also move and keep its approximate distance from you so that you are always in the video. Read more