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Video Website Builder

 Put the POWER of VIDEO Marketing to work for you!

New, updated version just released!

The ORIGINAL self-updating, self-growing, self-promoting SEO YouTube viral video site building script.

Video is one of the hottest multimedia trends online and offline right now and video sites are some of the most visited sites on the internet.

To keep up with the thirst for videos search engines have adjusted their algorithms to ensure video-based content is picked up quickly and now you can use that to your advantage to generate income online using the video site builder, and you never have to upload a video!

This special offer has a powerful guarantee from the creator of the script

"If within the next 90 days you haven't made your money back doubled your investment building sites with this script, I will immediately refund your purchase…and you will keep the right to use this script. Does that sound fair enough?"

Get the full details thru the link below:

Niche Video Builder

Just a few of the features:

– Results are sorted by relevancy by default (thus removing a lot of irrelevant results)

– You can switch from Relevancy mode to 3 other modes (last updated, view count, rating)

– Additional filter enabled by default to remove all offensive videos, and to remove all offensive tags (you can further customize it). If you want adult and xrated, you can disable this feature.

– You only need to edit the main keyword and your adsense ID (other monitization is easily accomplished – just two files to edit)

– You can change the number of videos displayed on the front page

– Search feature

– Fully Template driven

– How to guide on how to create a template from scratch

– 6 additional training videos covering every part of the script:

– This one is BIG: 10 premium templates ready to go!

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