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June 20, 2018

Live Event Blaster 2

by oakhead112

Live Event Blaster 2

Live Event Blaster 2

Live Event Blaster 2


Video is the MOST powerful marketing tool today. 70% of marketers are using YouTube to promote their products and services. Some years ago, Ranking videos on first page of google and YouTube was easy as 1-2-3. Nowadays with all this marketers uploading thousands of videos each day is hard to get your video on the first page of Google or YouTube… You need a ton of views, an authority channel and perfect SEO optimization…

What if I would told you there is a much easier way… What if I told you that that I found a backdoor strategy… RANKING YouTube Live Events!

The thing everybody tries to avoid when talking about Live events Is that the events tend to LOSE their RANKINGS after a few weeks… If you tried ranking live events in the past… This is why you FAILED to get traffic… I know that! And don’t WORRY… it’s not your fault!! You are just using the WRONG tools! So which is the right tool? Let’s find out in see Live Event Blaster 2 details below!

Live Event Blaster 2

Video Marketing has NEVER been hotter – but MOST people I talk with are still using Videos! YouTube Videos are LOSING you money. It’s a proven fact! YouTube is favouring for a while Live Streaming Events! Giving them: Higher Rankings Instant Indexing That where Live Event Blaster 2 comes into the game.

This is a software that ranks hundreds of live events for you and keeps the rankings sticking for good!! It allows you to instantly create, schedule and live stream hundreds of Live Events with the push of 2 buttons! So let me explain again how Live Blaster works… It will allow you to create and schedule multiple events and stream a pre recorded video at a later time. You won’t have to worry about starting the stream, about being online at the time the stream starts… Live Blaster will take care of that! After you schedule your event, the software will check your rankings and views! How cool is that!? You Don’t Even Need To Create Any Videos!!! Imagine that you could know with 100% certainty that your videos will rank BEFORE even opening your video editor software. With Live Event Blaster you can schedule a live event, see if it ranked, see how much traffic it is bringing and stream a video file later if you decided the keyword is worth the work!

Events Get An Unfair Advantage over regular videos:

They Surpass Normal YouTube Videos On Google!

Get Higher Rankings Than Videos!

They Get Indexed A Lot Faster!

They Rank Faster On Google!

You Can Use Live Events In Any Niche!

The ONLY Software That RANKS Hundreds Of Live Events For You And Keeps The Rankings Sticking For Good!!

An event doesn’t even have to be ‘newsworthy’ as far as YouTube is concerned
if it’s streamed as a Live Event it is NEWS

Live Event Blaster 2 will work every day to make sure your events continue to rank and, in case they drop, it will upload a new event and get it to rank on the 1st page AGAIN on autopilot…

Live event blaster is, hands down. the best ranking tool out there!
You can check out all the features like Link wheel , the Dynamic Thumbnail Creator, Spyntax Tool and a ton of other features thruy the link here . . .

Live Event Blaster 2

Live Event Blaster 2

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